Animals suffering from ecosystem destruction, to solve their problems
Now, Eco- Detective Eves is dispatched.

The Rest of the Earth

Earth doesn't have much time left.

Functional games for mobile devices

Search on the App Store. Detective Eve has prepared an exciting expedition to share with you.

Storytelling for the Future

Climate change response has emerged as a global topic. It's either now or late! Please listen carefully to the story.

A story of empathy for life

What is the nature of environmental education? We recognize the environment as a problem of "coexistence" with living creatures.

Getting Started With EVES

Quest System

Be an ecological detective and help solve the difficulties of animals in crisis here and there.

Achievement System

Find the life records hidden throughout the world, and complete the life log.


Solve the case and win various reward items. These items are sometimes used to solve other problems.


If it's hard to carry out hidden life records or quests! Take advantage of other people's tips on the community bulletin board.

Eco-Detective Eves’ Office

Request for a case

Animals from all over the world who are struggling and sick beyond the Earth's environment and climate are knocking on Eve's office door today to ask for a solution! Knock knock!


To solve the problems of animals that have become difficult to survive, Eve is on stage all over the world. In the forests of Australia, Alaska, and the cold Antarctic! Enjoy various expeditions and solve problems with Eve.


My real concern is starting now! If you helped Eve solve the problem of critically endangered animals, you can see that the problem of the Earth is not just animals Right now! We should all join in protecting the Earth.

Recommended article

Ecobuddy Institute

Environmental education, there are many principles that climate change is always changing the climate change.< ecological explaining what animals are now happening now through cases where animals are currently happening now through cases where animals are currently happening now.Because of each animal characteristics, of course, it would be able to build knowledge while young friendship or history, I think young friends can build knowledge and history.

Environmental spring

If you follow the story, I can see why you have to do environmental practice. Children are more innocent and empathic, so I think they will naturally recognize them from an early age. It was refreshing that the environmental education content was not too serious, and that people were not the main characters, but animals.

School parent

Kids don't like hard and boring things. The content is that environmental ecology education is this easy and fun. It was good to be a detective and find knowledge. It's fun, but it feels like I'm gaining knowledge about it


– It was good and fun to know endangered animals well because Eve and the characters were cute and endangered animals came out.
– I realized how hard it is for endangered animals with interesting episodes.
– It's so sad. I want to love animals. Cherish the animals!
– It was good to get to know each other while touching, and it was good to be alive.
– It was so fun to know the importance of animals.
– I didn't know much about endangered species, but I understood well after learning about endangered species through games like this.
– It's sad that endangered species are suffering. Games are fun.